Grandma and Grandpa
Maria and Dominico
35th Anniversary

Welcome To Our Celebration Of Family!

Our celebration begins with Maria and Dominico, Grandma and Grandpa. Born in Italy around the turn of the century, each traveled to the United States in search of a better life. They married in 1919 and shortly thereafter made their home on Ann Street, a close-knit Italian community. This home became the centerpoint of the family, growing to include nine children. And as these children married and had children of their own, 23 Ann Street was still the place to be, especially on holidays and Sundays.

Now, as we begin a new century, we find our family scattered across the state and country. Holidays and Sundays at 23 Ann Street are no longer possible, but thankfully we have wonderful memories to share with our children and grandchildren.

Since visiting each other on a regular basis is difficult, we can try to stay connected here, on the World Wide Web. We can share some photographs and memories, visit via email, and share the joy that a large extended family can bring.


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